Brian L. Steed

Brian L. Steed is currently an assistant professor of Military History at the US Army Command and General Staff College and a Middle East Foreign Area Officer. He is currently an active duty US Army lieutenant colonel. He served eight and a half consecutive years in the Middle East including assignments in the Levant, Mesopotamia, and the Arabian Peninsula. He served briefly in Iraq in 2005, a full year in 2010-2011, and again December 2014-February 2015. He regularly speaks on ISIS and Middle East issues. He has written numerous books on military theory, military history, and cultural awareness. His most recent book is Bees and Spiders: Applied Cultural Awareness and the Art of Cross-Cultural Influence about using cultural awareness to develop empathy and ultimately influence.  He has books on the Iraq war and ISIS awaiting publication in 2016. He is currently working on a PhD at the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a proposed dissertation topic of "Maneuver in the Narrative Space: A Theory of 21st Century Warfare."

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